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The United States of America is and always has been a land of immigrants. I am very proud to be involved in assisting foreigners in beginning their lives here and in assisting employers in complying with laws governing the employment of foreign workers.

Every day the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service as well as State and Federal agencies make thousands of decisions concerning petitions and applications for visas and
citizenship. These decisions are made according to complex and ever-changing laws and regulations that affect individuals, families, and businesses. U.S. immigration laws can be
easily misunderstood due to their complexity resulting in uncertainty, delay, economic loss, separation of families, and often costly complex legal proceedings.

As a sole practitioner, I work individually with my clients to reduce or eliminate these difficulties by determining each client’s needs and outlining the available options. Each
option is evaluated on the basis of cost, time, and efficiency. Every case is closely monitored and I keep clients informed on the progress of their case and can accompany
them to interviews and hearings before the Citizenship and Immigration Service, the Special Counsel, the Executive Office for Immigration Review, and US District and Appellate Courts. I also represent clients on appeals before both administrative and legal courts when necessary or requested by my clients.

As a US Immigration Attorney Chicago, I advise and counsel both corporations and individuals who wish to engage in temporary employment in the United States, acquire permanent or temporary residence in the United States via employment or family relationship, and to obtain US citizenship.

My office also provides translations of documents from several languages into English. Consultations are also available in Russian for native-speaking clients. I look forward to assisting you and I welcome you to my office.

Payment Options

My US Immigration Attorney Chicago office offers several payment options for online consultations. All of the online options are 100% secure.

You can pay by:

  • Check drawn on US dollars
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  • Bank or wire transfer
  • Western Union
  • Paypal (which allows the use of major credit cards after setting up a simple account) - click button below.