Non-immigrant Visas

Nonimmigrant visas (temporary) are available for people entering the United States for a limited period of time and for a specific purpose. In most cases, people applying for nonimmigrant visas must demonstrate that they intend to leave the United States when their visa expires and that they do not intend to immigrate. However, people who qualify for H-1B (professional worker), L-1 (intracompany transfers) visas, and possibly E-2 investor visas are exempted from this requirement.

Although nonimmigrant visas are considered temporary, many of them are available for a number of years. Unlike immigrant visas, most nonimmigrant visas are not subject to any numerical limits.

There are a large number of categories of nonimmigrant visas lettered A through V which are listed below. Each category has specific rules and options for its issuance. Therefore, it is advisable to contact my office to determine the best strategy for entering the United States.

  • A Visas Diplomatic Personnel
  • B Visas Temporary Visitors for Business and Pleasure
  • C Visas Continuous Transit
  • D Visas Crewmen
  • E Visas Treaty Traders and Investors
  • F Visas Students
  • G Visas International Organization Representatives
  • H Visas Temporary Workers and Trainees
  • I Visas Foreign Media Representatives
  • J Visas Exchange Visitors
  • K Visas Fiance(e)s of U.S. Citizens
  • L Visas Intra-Company Transferees
  • M Visas Non-Academic Students
  • N Visas Children of Certain Special Immigrants
  • O Visas Aliens with Extraordinary Ability in the Arts, Sciences, Education, Business, or Athletics and their Support Team
  • P Visas Internationally recognized entertainers and athletes as individuals or as members of group
  • Q Visas Cultural Exchange Visitors
  • R Visas Religious Workers
  • S Visas Providing information or other assistance to U.S. law enforcement agencies
  • T Visas Women And Children Victims Of Trafficking